Lobby Track Small Business Edition

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    Lobby Track Small Business Edition

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    Product Description

    Innovative Visitor Management Software

    Lobby Track is a new secure tracking, access control and visitor management software system. This innovative new technology allows organizations to track visitors, employees and equipment with detailed activity logs by individual or groups, creates time and attendance reports, provides access control in conjunction with entry systems and provides visitor management functionality, including data entry, badge design, and badge printing. Unique to this system is the capability to directly interface with the customers existing database in real-time.

    Verify Credentials
      » Display images and other personal information at check in
      » Check person against watch list
    Track Visitors, Employees and Equipment
      » Track people and equipment in and out of facilities
      » Check individuals in and out by scanning badges
      » Maintain separate logs of employees, contractors, visitors and other groups
      » Automatically notify host upon visitor arrival
      » Run in interactive or kiosk mode for automated check in / out
    Log Time and Attendance
      » Detailed logs of each check in and check out
      » Generate time and attendance reports
      » Print and export reports
      » Integrate with payroll systems
      » Create custom reports
    Enforce Access Control
      » Control facility access with flexible access policies
      » Check date, time and location against access rules
      » Get instant notification of security violations and potential risks

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