pcProx Card Analyzer for 125 kHZ (CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE)

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    pcProx Card Analyzer for 125 kHZ (CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE)

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    Product Description

    The pcProx 125 kHz and AIR ID 13.56 MHz Card Analyzer line of products are intelligent portable tools for the determination of proximity and contactless smart cards. The Card Analyzers identify the card technology and determine the compatible RF IDeas reader.

    These Card Analyzers help users, solutions providers and hardware/software integrators quickly and accurately determine what card technology is currently in use. They report the correct RF IDeas reader part number, card size and ID in hexidecimal. Like RF IDeas’ pcProx Enroll and AIR ID Enroll readers, the Card Analyzers support more than 30 different card types and hundreds of millions of cards in use worldwide.

    The card analyzer checks across all known cards supported and send the results as keystrokes to a text editor, such as, Microsoft Notepad. No software is required. The analyzer is compatible with nearly all computer operating systems that support USB keyboard devices.

    The pcProx and AIR ID Card Analyzer lines are designed in the USB Dongle form factor for compactness and portability. Each version is also color coded in translucent housings to distinguish them from each other, as well as from RF IDeas’ standard card readers. A kit is available that includes one pcProx 125 kHz and one AIR ID 13.56 MHz Card Analyzer to ensure card identification regardless of frequency.

    Please note: The AIR ID 13.56 MHz Card Analyzer is not able to secure sector or page reads. RF IDeas offers AIR ID Writers and Playback readers that can perform sector/page reads. Please see: AIR ID Readers for sector/page reader details.

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