EDIsecure® ILM-DS Double Side Lamination Unit with Upper & Lower Cassettes
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    EDIsecure® ILM-LS and ILM-DS Inline Lamination Modules

    Fastest and most flexible lamination program for demanding applications

    We have developed the most flexible and fastest lamination program on the market to respond to your growing requirements for durable and secure tamper-resistant cards. With applying EDIsecure® clear and secure laminates on the card, which includes patches with chip cut-out, the surface will be protected against physical damage and the card life extended.

    The ILM-LS can be joined easily for Inline Lamination with the EDIsecure® XID 8300 Retransfer Printer, simply attach the unit with the appropriate joining plate to the printer – that’s it. Communicating via infrared interface, the lamination parameters for the various card materials are controlled by the printer driver.

    The laminator is also disposable as ILM-DS for simultaneous dual side lamination. Equipped with two lamination cartridges and separate temperature control of the upper and lower heat roller, even different laminates can be applied to the card at the same time.

    Product highlights and features:

    • Fastest card lamination module in its class with very small footprint (16 seconds per card (single-sided))
    • ILM-LS for single-sided lamination with one cartridge (lower side)
    • ILM-DS for simultaneous dual side lamination using two cartridges
    • Electronic security lock to secure access to supplies
    • User-friendly front-loading system makes changing of supplies fast and simple
    • High capacity lamination foils (patch and overlay) reduce operator interaction
    • Jumbo Patches provide for almost up to the edge lamination of durable patch materials
    • Enables user to apply a range of EDIsecure® clear and secure laminates to extend card life and enhances security
    • Custom design and generic holographic foils are available to combat fraud and counterfeiting
    A variety of laminating media is available:
    Clear or holographic patches in various thicknesses, patches with chip cut-out for contact smart cards, as well as holographic overlays.

    For more detailed product information such as specifications, features, supplies and options, please download EDIsecure® ILM-LS and ILM-DS Inline Lamination Modules datasheet.


    • EDIsecure® XID Retransfer Printers for printing with inline lamination
    • EDIsecure® Card Management Software Suite
    • IDExpert® Identity Management Solutions
    • EDIsecure® Image Capture Modules
    • EDIsecure® Image Enhancement Software
    • EDIsecure® Card Materials

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