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    ID Badge Printers

    Beresford offers one of the largest selections of badge printers in the industry. We carry printers from Evolis, Matica, IDP, Zebra, Magicard, Nisca, Datacard, and Fargo. We can meet all of your badge printing needs.

    Basic Printers

    If you need a basic badge printer that will printer simple unencrypted badges, we can provide you with a machine that will do the job. We offer these printers with both large and small capacities.

    Our Evolis printers can provide you with basic badges for ID cards, membership cards, library cards, calling cards, banking cards and the like. They have variable printing speeds and can handle small runs or large orders. The Evolis Tattoo2 Basic Printer, for example, is designed to print just a few hundred cards per year and can print text, logos and barcodes in both color and black and white. The Evolis Quantum 2 Basic Printer, on the other hand, can print up to 1000 cards an hour. There are a number of other models that fall between these two extremes.

    We also carry both basic and sophisticated printers from Magicard. The Magicard Pronto Printer is a basic id printer that prints only one card at a time and must be handfed, while the Magicard Tango 2 printer can print large volumes at once. Also, a number of printers from Magicard can provide more security features than the basic magnetic stripe encoding.

    Secure Printers

    If you need an id printer that offers more advanced security options, we have a large selection, and our different printers offer a range of security options from simple encoding to MagStripe, RFID chips and smart chips.

    The Zebra printers are ideal for governments that need an id badge printer to print identification cards. Digital Identification Solutions printers are great for smart card users, while both Team Nisca and Fargo printers offer many advanced security features.

    If you would like an example of the security features we offer, please take a look at the XID 9300 PVC Card Printer. The security options available for this machine are MagStripes, IC chips, RFID encoding, security lamination and variable UV printing. This badge printer also has 16 MB of memory.

    Another id badge printer that has a number of security features is the Fargo HPii Card Printer. This printer was designed specifically to print financial cards with the latest security features. It can even print cards with encoded smart chips inside. It also has re-transfer printing capability and prints in high-definition in both black and white and color.

    These are just a few examples of the many great printers we have available. We will be happy to help you pick out the perfect printer for your needs. Please contact us today!