Compsol NetBadge Solutions

Compsol NetBadge Solutions

NetBADGE - Online Badging - One Badge at a Time...

Producing employee identification badges in-house can be costly and difficult to administer. Badge printers are expensive and require regular maintenance. Badge office staffing can be costly and difficult to keep trained. Outsourcing the effort is a smart solution. Beresford Company provides comprehensive, cost effective, internet-based badge production services, powered by CompSol NetBadge, which allows you to easily manage your badging needs.

No Software to Purchase or Load...No Card Printers to Buy...One Badge at a Time...
There is no software to load or maintain, you simply log on to the NetBadge web site, where your company is provided a secure custom designed database to upload your photos and type in your data. Then you just submit a badge request. In minutes we receive your request with your data and photo and use our state of the art printers and production facility to print and ship your badges. As soon as you submit even one badge request, we print it and ship it within 24 hours.

View Your Secure Employee Data and Photos at any Time...
By simply logging on, you can view your employees, make changes or submit badge requests.

Try NetBadge, provide us your address and company name, and receive a sample ID badge.

If you'd like to see how easy it is, go to and log in using the user name "guest" and password "nova". Submit a badge request using a photo you have on hand and we'll email you a badge using a sample design.

While you're there, check out the other features in NetBadge, such as the Badge Holder Report and Badge Request Status.

To help you with the process of requesting ID badges from start to finish, Beresford Company provides a comprehensive Users Guide in a PDF format. Our experienced staff can aid you in the process and answer any questions you may have.

NetBadge will work with any digital camera. An IBM compatible computer on the internet (Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 and above or Netscape Navigator 4 recommended) and a digital camera are all you need.

After you take the photo, you place the camera's memory card (or floppy disk) in a reader on your computer. NetBadge takes you through the badge request process.

Need a Camera?
If you'd like a complete camera kit that will work well with NetBADGE, contact Beresford Company for details.

Reasons to Out-Source Badging
Outsourcing your badging needs eliminates the following costs and problems:

  • Cost of badge printer and maintenance
  • Cost of badge printer supplies
  • Data security
  • Management of card stock
  • Requests for reports of badge holder data
  • Maintaining trained, available people

Security is Our Business!

Internet Security Measures - All data is encrypted using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption technology. SSL ensures that the connection is private and secure by providing authentication and encryption. Authentication confirms that the server, and optionally the client, is who they say they are. Encryption creates a secure “tunnel” between the two, which prevents any unauthorized system from reading the data.We use a password protected SQL Server database, one of the most stable and secure databases available.

For information and pricing, contact Beresford Company for details.


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