HDP8500 Dual-Sided ID Card Printer with Flattener (Call For Price)

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    HDP8500 Dual-Sided ID Card Printer with Flattener (Call For Price)

    Product Description

    Fargo's HDP8500 dual-sided ID card printer with Flattener features HIDas High Definition Printing (HDPa) technology, making it the superior industrial ID card printer for extended-run, high throughput credential ID card personalization and issuance and itas especially suited for the high duty cycle requirements of large government ID card programs, laborious service bureau conditions and demanding university and large enterprise environments.
    The HDP8500 has been designed for networking and can issue ID cards from multiple sites, centrally and remotely and with an Ethernet port and internal print server the HDP8500 can be securely networked to produce high volumes of ID cards in continuous batch runs, sharing one or more common or centrally managed databases. The system can encode one card while printing a second card and laminating a third and offers two additional print modes to the standard print mode in order to meet your needs. Performance mode provides the fastest throughput speed of approximately 1,000 full-color, single-side cards and Premium mode provides enhanced print quality for challenging images.
    The Fargo HDP8500 uses HDP technology to print a dye-sublimation image onto an intermediate transfer film that is then retransferred onto the card surface. This flexible technology works with a wider choice of card materials, is more resistant to identity adulteration and attack, and is the optimal choice for smart card printing because it easily handles surface or embedded electronics irregularities.

    • The HDP8500 card printer offers reliability and high duty performance, along with unparalleled quality and security.
    • With features such as enhanced consumable material handling and multiple cleaning stations, the HDP8500 requires little operator interaction, saving you time and money.
    • Easily upgrade at any time with encoding and lamination modules.
      •             ◦  Single-sided & dual-sided printing
      •             ◦  Color & monochrome printing
    • PRINTING SPEEDS (sec/card):
      •             ◦  24 seconds (full-color (YMC) single-sided card)
                    ◦  29 seconds (full-color (YMCK) single-sided card)
                    ◦  40 seconds (full-color (YMCKK with dual-sided simultaneous lamination) single-sided card)
      •             ◦  INPUT HOPPER CAPACITY: Dual Hoppers - 200 each
                    ◦  OUTPUT HOPPER CAPACITY: 200
                    ◦  CARD SIZES ACCEPTED: CR80 standard credit card size
                    ◦  CARD THICKNESS ACCEPTED: 30-50 mil
                    ◦  INTERFACE: USB & Ethernet with internal print server
      •             ◦   Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 & 2008, Vista (32- & 64-bit), Windows 7 (32- & 64-bit), Windows 8 (32- & 64-bit); Linux* Mac OS X v10.5/v10.6
                    ◦   For specifications on Linux version compatibility, please refer to the printer brochure or call us at (800) 321-4405 x2.
      •             ◦  61 lbs (27.7 kg), 15.5'' H x 28.2'' W x 14.0'' D (394mm x 716mm x 356mm)
      •             ◦  USB cable
                    ◦  US/International power cords
                    ◦  CD with printer drivers & user guide

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