EDIsecure® XID 9300 Printer, Non-Locking Version

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    EDIsecure® XID 9300 Printer, Non-Locking Version

    MSRP: $8,495.00

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    Product Description

    The industrial card printer for high-volume card personalization

    The double-sided EDIsecure® XID 9330 Retransfer Printer is the most powerful and versatile printer in its class. The printer combines maximum hourly output of printed cards with a wide range of encoding and highly secure lamination options. The printer provides utmost security due to security locks and security password. Therefore it is the ideal and flexible printer for secure and reliable mass production in multinational corporations, card service centers, and government agencies.

    With our Advanced Intelligent Printer Management (IPM), up to seven printers can be connected to one server for high capacity production of up to 840 cards per hour. Due to the parallel workflow available through IPM, an unrivalled level of productivity can be achieved. Print jobs, plus the accompanying encoding data, are routed securely to the correct printer, even in a distributed network environment.

    Product highlights and features:

    • Diverse security features: Dye-sublimation UV ink ribbon, IPSEC, and Security Erase
    • Printer Password Protection to increase security in the production environment
    • Double-sided, over-the-edge printing on a variety of card materials with up to 120 – 840 cards per hour
    • Rugged, industrial design with compact shape for heavy-duty use
    • Convenient and simple front-loading system for supplies and cards
    • Ideal for printing and inline encoding of smart cards by using the Advanced Chip Encoding Framework (Advanced CEF)
    • Optional single- and double-side lamination for more durability and security
    • Various optional modules

    The following supplies are available: YMCK, YMCKK, YMCK-PO and YMCK-UV ribbon as well as XID ART Retransfer film.

    Configure your Card Identity System, Ask For

    • EDIsecure® Lamination Modules
    • EDIsecure® Card Management Software Suite
    • IDExpert® Identity Management Solutions
    • EDIsecure® Image Capture Modules
    • EDIsecure® Image Enhancement Software
    • EDIsecure® Card Materials

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