Metrologic 9520 Barcode Scanner

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    Metrologic 9520 Barcode Scanner

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    Product Description

    With a futuristic design and high-performance scanning system represents the best auto-triggered scanner value on the market.

    Metrologic’s engineering department was tasked with designing a replacement for our most successful product offering ever, namely the MS951. And the team delivered. Not only does the Voyager replace the MS951, it adds many new and innovative standard features such as Flash ROM, data editing, and PowerLink user-replaceable cables.

    Flash ROM allows the firmware to be upgraded easily, and as software updates become available, each Voyager can be updated with all of the latest features utilizing an easy-to-use Windows® -based program. Using Bits ‘n’ Pieces® data editing utility, users can custom-edit the bar code data to meet the requirements of the host system.

    Voyager now includes the ability to decode the emerging Reduced Space Symbology (RSS). Industries including supermarkets, pharmaceutical, and healthcare are beginning to utilize this new symbology.

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