NEW! The Twist Free Badge Reel - Lot/100

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    NEW! The Twist Free Badge Reel - Lot/100

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    Keep your badge or card visible at all times with the all-new B.REEL twist-free badge reel. The B.REEL uses PATENTED twist-free technology to ensure that your badge or card is always facing front, eliminating the frustration that can result from badges getting twisted or tangled.

    • A 28" cord extracts from the front of the reel and leads to less friction applied to the cord, making the reel more durable.
    • The B.REEL's swivel back is also available as a swivel clip with teeth for those in active settings who require a more secure attachment.
    • The B.REEL bagedge reel stands out in a variety of vibrant colors, including watermelon, purple, metallic blue and white.
    • B.REEL has a printing surface 2 1/2 times larger than our economy badge reels!
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