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    600 DPI Dual Sided Printer - Over the Edge USB Only

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      SKU: PR-C201 600 DPI Dual Sided Printer - Over the Edge USB Only


      The Nisca PR-C201 retransfer ID card printer is a dual-sided solution designed to deliver stunning ID cards and badges. Retransfer technology allows you to print on the entire surface of the cards, or on uneven surfaces such as smart cards or ABS, PET, PVH and Polycarbonate cards. The print quality of the Nisca PR-C201 ID card printer is astonishing: 600 dpi, 24-bit images for flawless colors. Not only do you get perfect badges but you get them at the amazing speed of 160 color cards per hour! For an even faster throughput, the printer is equipped with 250-card input and output hoppers.

      • The Nisca PR-C201 dual-sided printer used reverse-transfer printing technology to provide true over-the-edge printing, high quality images, and enhanced wear protection. This technology is ideal for printing on cards with uneven surfaces, such as technology cards with embedded electronics.
      • The PR-C201 card printer is easy to set-up and use, plus it features a small footprint. The printer's LCD display provides printer status messages and instructions. A quick-change ribbon cassette makes reloading supplies and cleaning the internal print path easy and virtually maintenance-free!
      • The Nisca PR-C201 offers a high speed, 600 dpi, 24-bit color, and a print speed of up to 160 cards/hour! To support this demand, the printer has large input and output hoppers that hold 250 cards each.
      • With the Nisca PR-C201's built-in Ethernet connectivity, you can operate your card printing and encoding application safely and seamlessly over your network. It is also fitted with USB connectivity.
      • Card Printing Capability:
      •             ◦  Single-sided & dual-sided printing
      • Color/Monochrome Printing Capability:
      •             ◦   Color & monochrome printing
      • Card Printing Speeds:
      •             ◦   22.5 seconds per single-sided full-color (YMCK) card
                    ◦  36 seconds per dual-sided full-color (YMCKK) card
      • Card Hopper Capacity:
      •             ◦   250-card input hopper
                    ◦  250-card output hopper
      • Accepted Card Size:
      •             ◦   CR79 & CR80 - standard PVC or PET (CR80 is the size of a standard credit card, CR79 is slightly smaller)
      • Accepted Card Thickness:
      •             ◦   10-40 mil
      • Interface:
      •             ◦   USB and Ethernet 10 Base-T, 100 Base-T
      • Available Software Drivers:
      •             ◦   Microsoft Windows XP, Vista (32- & 64-bit), Windows 7 (32- & 64-bit)
      • Weight & Dimensions:
      •             ◦   33 lbs (15 kg), 17.13" x 13.39" x 12.60" (435mm x 340mm x 320mm)
      • Included with Printer:
      •             ◦  2 year printer and lifetime printhead warranty
                    ◦  USB cable
                    ◦  Power supply cord
                    ◦  Printer Driver CD
                    ◦  Printer user guide
                    ◦  Driver user guide
                    ◦  Empty bobbin for ribbon
                    ◦  Ribbon cartridge
                    ◦  Card weight