Pair of Footprints 4.5" x 12"

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    Pair of Footprints 4.5" x 12"

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    Directional Footprints are ideal for delineating walk and foot traffic areas in warehouses and distribution centers, this floor marking system is both cost effective and long lasting. Constructed of wear-resistant PVC, the footprints will adhere to any flat, smooth, dry, grease-free and clean surface. Application of the system is simple. The footprints are available in Left and Right. Included in each package is an adhesive measuring tape to ensure straight lines and even spacing. The Directional Footprints are an improvement over common vinyl floor tapes and paints because replacement costs and installation, if needed, are minimal. The Directional Footprints customize easily to your warehouse needs. Additional colors (white, red, green and blue) are available to comply with existing color codes. Please call for customized printing options such as bar codes or lettering.

    Do indoor footprints stick to carpet?

    The answer is yes, temporarily. Footprints are made to stick to smooth surfaces and do best in that environment, but if you need a temporary pathway for a special event and your carpet is a tight industrial type carpet they will stick for a while. The adhesive picks up the fibers and eventually will dry up.

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